Broschüren Sozialversicherung

Die Fachbroschüren zu Sozialversicherungsthemen in der Reihe gesunde unternehmen der AOK erleichtern den Arbeitsalltag.

Ein Stapel Broschüren
Broschüren Sozialversicherung

Social insurance with AOK


This brochure is intended for every­one who has little or no ex­pe­ri­ence with social se­cu­ri­ty.

It will provide you with an over­view of the German social se­cu­ri­ty system and the inte­gration of indi­vidual groups into this system. More­over, it contains explanations related to the organi­zation and funding of the under­writers of social se­cu­ri­ty insurance.

The AOK presents itself as a strong and secure sol­i­dar­i­ty-based alliance. An over­view of its services shows the diversity of the health and nursing care insurance options as well as the com­mit­ment of AOK as a pro­vider of family insurance plans. Not only is the AOK a good choice for employees and appren­tices, it also assists the insured com­munity with tips and information on how to quickly and easily exercise their selection options. Registering with the AOK is the first pre­requi­site for those who want to reap the benefits of AOK’s services and programs.

This brochure also demonstrates how con­tri­bu­tions are computed and who is responsible for their pay­ment. It explains the employer’s responsi­bilities and how employees can make con­tri­bu­tions.


  1. Social Security Insurance in Germany
  2. Apprenticeship and Employment
  3. lllness and Continued Payment of Wages
  4. Maternity and Parental Leave
  5. AOK Services for Corporate Clients
Broschüren zur Betrieblichen Gesundheit auf einem Bürotisch

Die AOK-Broschüren unterstützen Arbeitgeber bei der Planung und Umsetzung eigener Projekte der Betrieblichen Gesundheit. Die Themen reichen von Gesundheitsförderung für Azubis über Rückengesundheit bis zur Einrichtung eigener Gesundheitsprogramme.

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