Information on health insurance for students

The German healthcare system probably works quite differently to what you’re used to in your home country

We have compiled the most important questions and answers regarding health insurance for international students in Germany.
  • How does the healthcare system work in Germany?
    In Germany, you are required to have health insurance. In this way, you are covered in the event of an illness. Equality is the cornerstone of statutory health insurance. Everyone with insurance is entitled to the same services, regardless of their personal health risk and no matter how high their membership fee is. The basic principle is: high income = high fee, low income = low fee. Students who have little or no income get all the perks at an especially low student rate.
  • Why do I need health insurance?
    In Germany, it is a basic requirement for all students to have health insurance. This means that you must have an insurance certificate from a health insurance provider before you enrol at a university.
  • How can I take out insurance in Germany?
    As a student, you have several health insurance options. In most cases, cheap student health insurance is the most appropriate option for international students. You may take advantage of this until you are 30 years old. Afterwards, you can choose whether or not to continue with AOK. If you come from an EU country or from the European Economic Area, you can keep your existing health insurance. This also applies to countries that have a social security agreement with Germany. Your health insurance provider in your home country will tell you what you need to do. Important: Student health insurance may no longer be sufficient if you become gainfully employed or self-employed in Germany. Please inform us of this beforehand, so that we can then adjust your insurance cover together.
  • What services are included in the health insurance?
    AOK is a provider of statutory health insurance. They pay out for treatment by doctors and dentists, drugs, therapy (e.g. massages, physiotherapy, etc.) and assistive equipment (e.g. walking aids), and hospital treatment. Some of these services incur an additional charge. This applies to everyone, no matter what health insurance provider they are with. AOK also strives to prevent illnesses from happening in the first place and, if they do happen, to detect them as early as possible and to treat them appropriately. They therefore pay for all legally required preventive examinations and offer their policyholders advice and courses on becoming healthy and staying healthy.
  • How can I find the best health insurance?
    When choosing a health insurance provider, you shouldn’t just focus on the monthly fee. You should also compare the customer service provided, the accessibility and the special services offered. Our brochure "Ready for life" will help you discover that – with AOK – you are in good hands.
    Our brochure "Ready for life"
  • How do I become a member of AOK?
    It is very easy to become a member of AOK. Just fill out the form – and you’re all set! An AOK adviser will then contact you shortly afterwards to discuss the next steps with you and they will then send you your insurance certificate for the university.
    Just fill out the form
  • How much does student health insurance cost?

    The monthly rate stands at EUR 82,99 from 01.01.2024. A small additional fee that varies regionally may also apply (currently around eleven to twenty-two euros). In addition, you will pay a statutory contribution for care insurance 27,61 EUR per month from 01.01.2024. Insured persons from 23 years of age and upwards without children pay EUR 32,48.

    We will be happy to discuss the exact amount you will be paying. All you have to do is fill out the contact form.

    Contact form
  • What do I do if I fall ill?
    As an AOK member, you will get a health card which you just have to present when you need medical treatment. AOK will then deal with the bill from the doctor or dentist, hospital or pharmacy. The maximum you will pay is a small additional fee for certain services.
  • What happens if I have a job alongside my studies?
    If you want to get a job alongside your studies, you may have to pay social insurance contributions (for example for health insurance) which are higher than student health insurance. You will get detailed information and an individual consultation with the AOK student service. You should also check with the foreigners’ registration office or relevant job agency whether you need a work permit and what else you need to bear in mind.
  • На що мені слід звернути увагу як студенту-біженцю з України?
    Інформацію щодо того, яку державну допомогу можна отримати, ти знайдеш на веб-сторінці того чи іншого вищого учбового закладу або на веб-сторінці місцевої адміністрації. Перелік вищих учбових закладів Німеччини ти знайдеш тут

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