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Medical insurance with AOK

Want to work in Germany? Find out how easy it is to take out statutory medical insurance with AOK. We offer an attractive range of services to protect your health and that of your family.

AOK makes it easy to take out insurance in Germany

To work in Germany, you need statutory medical insurance. It’s what pays for visits to the doctor, hospital stays and operations, for medications, dental appointments and preventative healthcare – and much more. Your medical insurance contribution is generally paid directly out of your salary to the medical insurance provider by your employer.

So what can AOK do for you? We make sure you either stay healthy or get healthy. And your family too.

What you need to know about the social insurance system in Germany

  • What are social insurance funds?

    Germany has five forms of statutory insurance that safeguard the fundamental needs of insured persons: medical insurance, accident insurance, nursing care insurance, pension insurance and unemployment insurance.

  • How do I choose a medical insurance provider?

    When you choose a medical insurance provider, you should not base your decision solely on the amount of the monthly contribution. You should also take a look at what special services are available and how easy it will be for you to claim them.

  • How do I take out coverage with a medical insurance provider?

    Once you’ve filled in your AOK membership application and received our reply, you should inform your employer. From that moment onward, your medical insurance contribution will generally be paid directly and conveniently out of your salary to the medical insurance provider.

  • What protections do I have in the event of becoming unemployed?

    In Germany, employees and trainees are generally covered by statutory unemployment insurance, which is mandatory. The aim is to provide a material and social safeguard following the loss of a job or during an extended job search. This is financed by the contributions of employers and the insured. Further information on this topic is available here.

AOK – who we are

AOK is a provider of statutory medical insurance. We have been providing security and comprehensive cover in the event of illness for over 130 years.

What sets AOK apart

Reliable advice provided in a spirit of partnership

We insure around 27 million people. In other words, almost a third of all German residents put their trust in our services. We have countless awards that attest to our expertise in the healthcare field.

A wide range of medical services

From dental treatment, hospital stays or daily sickness benefits through to vaccinations – statutory benefits and healthcare provisions are provided free of charge for AOK members.

International contact partners

Experienced AOK advisors are available in our online office or in any of our 1,200-plus physical branches. Alternatively, you can use our AOK hotline to talk to English-speaking personnel who are ready to assist you with any query you may have.

Our healthcare services

Fast appointments

You don’t have to worry about long waiting times. We make sure that you can get an appointment swiftly, both with your family doctor and with any specialist you may require.

Free health courses

We offer an extensive range of courses to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and protect yourself against illness.

Second opinion

With AOK, there’s always the option of obtaining the opinion of a second doctor. A second opinion provides you with peace of mind and ensures that you get the best possible treatment.

Cover for your whole family

You can include children, spouses or registered partners at no additional cost with AOK’s free family insurance cover.

What you need to know about AOK and its services

  • How much do I have to contribute to statutory medical insurance in Germany?

    The amount of your medical insurance premium depends on your income – so someone with a high income will pay more than someone with a low income. Medical insurance contributions in Germany are made up of the general contribution rate of 14.6 per cent plus a supplementary contribution that is specific to the respective individual provider. The supplementary contribution varies between two and seven euros, depending on which regional AOK provider you are insured with. Since 2019, your employer has been legally obliged to meet 50 per cent of these costs, including those relating to the supplementary contribution.

  • What should I do if I become ill?

    Once you’re an AOK member, you will receive a health insurance card. Just present this when availing yourself of medical treatment. Whether you're visiting a general practitioner in Germany, a specialist or a dentist, a hospital or a pharmacy, AOK will take care of the bill. At the most, you may have to pay a small additional sum yourself for certain services.

  • How can AOK help me with chronic illnesses?

    If you suffer from a chronic illness, you’ll be covered when you switch to AOK. Treatment for this illness will continue as normal and you will continue to receive the medications you need. To continue your treatment here in Germany, just show your health insurance card to your doctor.

  • When can I receive sickness benefit?

    Employed persons will continue to receive their pay during the first six weeks of them being unfit for work. To keep receiving your salary, however, you must of course report sick with your employer and obtain a sick note from your doctor. Likewise, those in receipt of unemployment benefit will, for the same period, continue to receive their payments from the Employment Agency. Your entitlement to sickness benefit is suspended during these six weeks: it will be paid to you from the seventh week onward. We can only pay sickness benefit if we have a certification from your doctor that you are unfit to work. If you are certified unfit for work, your doctor will forward this certification  to your medical insurance provider electronically – this is known as the electronic certificate of incapacity (eAU). Your employer can then obtain the certificate of incapacity directly from the insurance provider. If electronic transmission is not possible, you will receive a paper printout from your doctor's surgery. You should submit this to your regional AOK provider immediately.

Just three steps and you’re covered: it’s easy to become an AOK member

Fill in and send the form and send it over to AOK
Just fill in your membership application and send it to us, either at our offices, by post or here using a simple and convenient online form. You will be sent an email directly confirming that your application has been received.

Fill in your application now and become an AOK member

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We’re here for you

Do you have questions about medical insurance with AOK? Or do you need guidance on filling out the membership application? We’re happy to help: our experts are on hand to provide you with the advice you need.

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