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Our team in Berlin-Mitte can offer you assistance in several languages. We can advise you in your native language, whether on the phone, via email, through video chat or an in-person meeting at our Service Centre. Please contact us.

At present, we can advise you in: English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Croatian, Turkish, Arabic, Vietnamese, French, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Bosnian, Serbian

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Our international service for corporate clients

Our international service for corporate clients is happy to visit HR specialists in companies and start-ups in Berlin and nearby areas to assist with questions about AOK membership from employees at your company. Please contact us.

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Benefits of becoming a member

As the market leader in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, more than 1.7 million policyholders trust AOK Nordost with their health. We’re at home in our region, as a modern service provider - in cities and in the country alike. You can contact us by phone, electronically or in the traditional way, by making an appointment at our Service Center.

This is what AOK Nordost can offer:
  • Sickness benefit in line with the statutory framework
  • Handling statutory costs for treatment with doctors and dentists
  • Handling statutory costs for treatment in hospital
  • Handling statutory costs for rehabilitation and spa cures
  • Handling statutory costs for medicine, aids and health insurance prescriptions, and dentures
  • Free family insurance for your direct relatives without their own income
  • No health-related risk supplement
  • No waiting times
  • Extensive offers for information and preventive healthcare
  • 24/7 advice

Unique products offered by AOK Nordost


AOK health account (AOK-Gesundheitskonto)

EUR 500.00 a year for your health. Use up to EUR 270.00 a year for approved prevention products from certified providers. Or, for EUR 230.00 a year, opt for additional health-related services from the following areas: vaccination & preventative care, fitness & movement, children’s health and maternity care.

The AOK health account applies to all AOK Nordost policyholders. This means that children covered under their family’s insurance can also benefit from it.


AOK bonus app (AOK Bonus-App)

The AOK bonus app helps you reach your goals in terms of sport and activity, rewarding you with up to EUR 390.00 each year.


AOK bonus selectable tariff (AOK Bonus-Wahltarif)

If you rarely need prescriptions and hospital treatment, you can have up to EUR 600.00 of health insurance contributions reimbursed in the bonus selectable tariff.

How to contact AOK international service

Warschauer Straße 5
10243 Berlin (Mitte)

Health insurance in Germany

health insurance in Germany

Health insurance in Germany

Statutory health insurance is part of the social security system in Germany. Health insurance can be taken out from a statutory health insurance provider, or a private one. 95% of Germans (i.e. the overwhelming majority) trust the advantages and security of a statutory health insurance provider, such as AOK Nordost. Statutory health insurance providers act in line with the principles of fairness and solidarity, and do not need to generate profits for private shareholders. Surpluses benefit policyholders directly.

In general, the statutory health insurance obligation starts when a person takes up employment for the first time. Choose AOK Nordost.

Frequently asked questions about health insurance in Germany

  • How much does AOK Nordost health insurance cost?
    Contributions are levied monthly, as a percentage of your income. If you are an employee, your employer will cover 50% of the cost. The contribution is formed from a national contribution rate, plus an additional contribution that differs by health insurance provider. At present, the national contribution rate is 14.6%, with 7.3% of this borne by each of the employer and the employee. The same applies for the contribution that is specifically set by AOK Nordost as a health insurance fund, currently at 1.7%. Different contribution rates can also apply to independent contractors, students and voluntary members. Please speak to us. We would be happy to advise you.
  • What does nursing care insurance cost?
    At AOK Nordost, you can choose your statutory nursing care insurance alongside your health insurance. The contribution rate has been 3.05% since 1 January 2021 and is the same across Germany. For people without children, there is a surcharge of 0.25% on top of this from the age of 23 onwards. The general contributions to nursing care insurance are paid out to employees on equal terms with the employer.
  • What requirements do I need to fulfil to become a member of AOK Nordost?
    If you have an employment contract in a company in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, or you have your registered place of residence as an employee or independent contractor in one of these federal states or work or study at a university in one of these three federal states, you can generally choose AOK Nordost.
  • I have health insurance in my home country. Will this also apply in Germany?
    People from a member state of the European Union who want to work in Germany need to take out health insurance in Germany. Please choose AOK Nordost. People from a state outside of the European Union who want to work in Germany and who have a clear residence status and work permit need to take out health insurance in Germany. Please choose AOK Nordost.
  • I receive transfer benefits. Can I choose AOK Nordost?
    Please talk to your contact at the authority looking after you.
  • My residence status is not yet set. Can I choose AOK Nordost?
    Please talk to your contact at the authority looking after you.
  • I am insured with a different health insurer in Germany. Can I switch to AOK Nordost?
    In Germany, you have a right to choose any health insurance provide you like. Your current contract might have a notice period. Please speak to us.

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