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What international students need to know about health insurance

Welcome to Germany! You are beginning your studies in Germany and have a lot to organise. This includes getting proof of health insurance – one of the foundations of the German health and welfare system. With AOK health insurance for students, you will be fully covered if you fall ill. We will answer all the key questions on health insurance here.

Sudenten werden zu ihrer Krankenversicherung beraten

How does the German health and welfare system work?

Health insurance
In Germany, health insurance is compulsory for all students, i.e. in order to enrol at a college or university you have to submit proof of health insurance. So you cannot start your studies unless you are insured. The AOK offers you excellent health care at affordable prices and will help you getting the answers you need on all matters related to health insurance and social security.  

Nursing care insurance
Additional nursing care contributions are compulsory in Germany. The aim of nursing care insurance is to cover the risk of the need for care which may arise following a serious accident, illness or in old age. You take out nursing care insurance with the same organisation that provides your health insurance.  

Accident insurance
As a student, you are covered by a statutory accident insurance scheme on the premises of the college or university and on your way between home and college. You can obtain information on additional accident insurance from the Foreign Student Office. If you are on a scholarship or funding programme, please refer to the agreed rules and arrangements.

As an international student, do I need to take out health insurance?

In Germany, it is a general obligation for all students to have health insurance. This means that, for matriculation at a university, you must present your insurance certificate from a health insurance provider before you are able to enrol. During your studies, there are several options for your health insurance:

  • under family insurance
  • under student health insurance
  • under voluntary health insurance for students
  • under private health insurance

Your AOK student advisor will personally discuss with you the best option for your particular situation:

Just call 0049 9131 9242 10 128 *
Mon - Wed: 8 – 16.30 
Thu: 8 – 17.30 
Fr: 8 – 15 

* The cost of a call from abroad via land line or mobile phone depends on the rates set by the respective foreign network operator.

What are the advantages for me if I take out insurance with AOK?

The AOK is a non profit oriented health insurance organisation. As one of the largest health insurance organisations in Germany we have the administrative and financial strength to provide excellent medical care at moderate rates. Our service is fast, competent and unbureaucratic. You can count on us in case of emergency. We offer you:

  • Affordable premiums
  • Our special "AOK Student-Service " - 70 times in Germany
  • Free choice among over 130.000 doctors and dentists
  • No advance payments thanks to your AOK card
  • Individual advice and personal service provided by our student advisers
  • Accessible office locations, directly on-site in many university and college towns
  • Long opening hours and quick, unbureaucratic help when needed
  • Nation-wide telephone hotline at the cost of a local call
  • Advice and assistance in all matters relating to social security
  • A comprehensive program to promote health and healthy living
  • On-going support to help you overcome all hurdles relating to insurance during your studies
  • We will arrange for you a smooth transfer from free family insurance to the Student Health Insurance scheme and, if required, subsequent Voluntary Student Insurance.

As a student, is it possible for me to be covered by my parents' insurance?

Under family insurance, you are co-insured by your parents at no extra cost. This comes with the following requirements:

  • You are under 25 years old.
  • Your regular monthly income is no more than EUR 415. If you are in 'minor employment', the income threshold moves to EUR 450/month.
  • If you only work in the university holidays and do not work for longer than three months, you may earn more than EUR 415 or EUR 450, provided that the income received is not regular.

How can I take out insurance with AOK?

In just a few simple steps, you can become an AOK member.

What risks does the health insurance cover?

Under its slogan meaning 'the health insurance provider', AOK is one of the providers of statutory health insurance. They pay out for treatment by doctors and dentists, drugs, therapy (massages, physiotherapy, etc.) and assistive equipment (wheelchairs, walking aids, etc.), hospital treatment and sickness allowance. Some of these services incur an additional charge. This is the case for people insured with any insurance company.

Other information: With our benefits, we also support the idea that illnesses may not develop at all, or can be detected and treated at an early stage.

Find out more about AOK's benefits and services here (The side is in German).

How high will my contributions to health or care insurance be?

The contribution to health insurance with AOK Hessen is currently 73,47 Euro per month for students. In addition, you pay a statutory contribution for care insurance of 16,55 Euro per month. Insured persons from 23 years of age and upwards without children pay 18,17 Euro.

What do I need to bear in mind if I have a job alongside my studies?

Regardless of how much money you earn and how many hours you work per week, as an employee you are exempt from health insurance, care insurance and unemployment insurance and you do not need to make contributions:

  • if the job is limited to semester breaks (max. three months).

If you are covered by family insurance:

  • your regular monthly income can be no more than 415 Euro.
  • If you are in 'minor employment', the income threshold moves to 450 Euro/month. Special rules apply to jobs outside semester breaks.

Additional information

You can download and print the important forms listed below:

Booklet “Welcome to Germany” (PDF, 4,6 MB)

Become a member

Terms of payment (PDF, 5,7 MB)

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