Social insurance with AOK

Social insurance with AOK


This brochure is intended for every­one who has little or no ex­pe­ri­ence with social se­cu­ri­ty.

It will provide you with an over­view of the German social se­cu­ri­ty system and the inte­gration of indi­vidual groups into this system. More­over, it contains explanations related to the organi­zation and funding of the under­writers of social se­cu­ri­ty insurance.

The AOK presents itself as a strong and secure sol­i­dar­i­ty-based alliance. An over­view of its services shows the diversity of the health and nursing care insurance options as well as the com­mit­ment of AOK as a pro­vider of family insurance plans. Not only is the AOK a good choice for employees and appren­tices, it also assists the insured com­munity with tips and information on how to quickly and easily exercise their selection options. Registering with the AOK is the first pre­requi­site for those who want to reap the benefits of AOK’s services and programs.

This brochure also demonstrates how con­tri­bu­tions are computed and who is responsible for their pay­ment. It explains the employer’s responsi­bilities and how employees can make con­tri­bu­tions.


  1. Social Security Insurance in Germany
  2. Apprenticeship and Employment
  3. lllness and Continued Payment of Wages
  4. Maternity and Parental Leave
  5. AOK Services for Corporate Clients